Tuesday, December 07, 2004

How Lies Became Established Truths

Toledo Jewish News December 2004 Issue


Yuval Zaliouk

How Lies Became Established Truths

The Say/Don’t Say Dictionary

One of the major achievements of Arab Palestinian propaganda is the establishment of false terminology which is now accepted as the world’s common vernacular. The tendentious world media is responsible for the daily promulgating of Arab propaganda.

Is there any wonder that the general public is now using false terminology as if it were the truth?

Expressions such as ‘occupied territories,’ ‘illegal settlements,’ ‘settlers,’ ‘West Bank,’ and many other such terms are now taken for granted, despite the fact that they are all manufactured expressions without any legal or factual base.

In order to help set the record straight, here is my initial contribution of a dictionary. It behooves every one of us to learn the correct terminology, erase the falsehoods from memory, and start using only the correct language.

Arab spokesmen and their media collaborators never fail or slip when presenting their side, why should we, Jews, fail in presenting ours, the real truths?

The space in this article is too limited for detailed explanation of each term in the dictionary. If any of the terms or the rationale behind them is not completely clear to you, please do not hesitate to contact me by email. Also, if you wish to contribute to the dictionary, please send your entries to me. I will gladly insert them for future use.

Here is the dictionary:

Don’t Say… Instead, Say…

Israel’s 1967 borders Israel’s 1949 Armistice Lines

Colonialism Return to our Jewish Homeland

Cycle of Violence Defense from Terrorism

Green Lines 1949 Armistice Lines

Haram el Sharif Temple Mount, or Mount Zion

Intifadah The Oslo War (The War brought about

as a result of the failed 1993 Oslo


Israel’s Occupation of Israel’s Liberation of

Jewish Settlements Jewish villages, towns, or communities

Militants, insurgents Terrorists

Occupied Territories Liberated, as in Liberated from Jordan

And Egypt, or Disputed Territories

Palestine Land of Israel, Holy Land, or Zion

Palestinians Arab/Palestinians, Arabs

Palestinian Lands Privately Owned properties (different

from Public or Government Lands

without sovereignty)

Palestinian Territories Jewish, or Disputed, Territories

Return Palestinian Territories Surrender, Give-up, Hand-over, Jewish

or disputed. territories

Settlers Jewish, or Israeli residents

The Wall The Defensive or Protective Fence,

or Barrier

West Bank Judea and Samaria

Please practice and internalize.

Yuval Zaliouk