Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Egyptian paper: Hamas worse than the Zionists

From Al-Ahram, whose content is controlled by an Egyptian ministry:
Although Egypt opened the Rafah crossing for three days, the Palestinians pilgrims did not reach it since the Hamas militia stopped them from crossing, allegedly for visa reasons.

These Palestinian pilgrims therefore cannot the visas from Hamas in the Gaza Strip and cannot go to the Ka'ba in Mecca, to Mount Mercy in Arafat.

But Hamas men used force and militia, beat the elderly, shed blood on the ritual clothing and fired tear gas and bullets on a bus carrying pilgrims in the Gaza Strip, to prevent access to the crossing, which led to injury 13 of them.

With that, senseless and irresponsible, the Islamic movement Hamas has revealed its true face, which usurped power is the name of religion, and disrupted one of the most important pillars of Islam, and prevented thousands of Palestinians from performing the Hajj, and assaulted the guests Rahman, and prevented them from completing elements of their religion.

Israel has never committed such an act since it occupied the Palestinian territories in 1967, and no one could have imagined that Hamas would do such an act, which it claims is an Islamic movement governed according to the laws of God!!

The mask has fallen, which Hamas has worn for years.

Egypt did not fail .. it did not hesitate to give all it could, and there is no liability on Egypt in this context, can not make more than made .. No one can be required to try harder than that.
As EBoZ points out in the comments, Hamas' reaction was predictable, as written in the Israeli Walla website:
Hamas demanded that the Government of Egypt "put an end to abuse and serve as a mouthpiece of the Zionists". According to Hamas, Al Ahram writers take advantage of the Egyptian democracy to attack "honorable Arab officials," in their words.
H/T Walla Israel, via EBoZ