Thursday, December 25, 2008

Today's unreported Palestinian Arab news

But will they call it "homemade?": An apparent Qassam rocket fell short in Gaza, hitting the house of a journalist and seriously injuring his brother, a 37-year old lawyer.

Target rich environment: Islamic Jihad will hold a rally tomorrow to celebrate its part in terrorizing Jews. It will be held at Nuseirat, on Salah al Din Street, at 3 PM.

Paper threats: Israel is said to have dropped thousands of leaflets to Rafah, warning tunnel owners that Israel will start bombing them in 48 hours.

Cairo worries: The Governor of Northern Sinai warns that any Israeli actions in Gaza could trigger the flight of thousands of Gazans into Egypt. Nothing could be worse for a country than having to accept Palestinian Arabs in their midst, right?

Holy Shiites: As relations between Cairo and Tehran grow more strained, more Egyptians are criticizing the Muslim Brotherhood for their ties to Iranian Shiites.

Gleeful jihadist mathematics: Hamas claims to have shot 54 mortars, 24 Qassams and 2 Grad missiles in 24 hours, in what it is calling Operation Oil Stain. This does not include rockets and mortars from Islamic Jihad, the PRC and the other terror groups. Interestingly, I have not yet seen any Fatah faction claim responsibility for any rockets.

Strike back at capitalism: Hamas has set up a hotline number for Gazans to inform on their fellow residents if they charge "monopolist" prices on any smuggled goods. If there are any Gazans you want to see harassed by Hamas, just call the local number 282-5247.

We'll see if any media picks these stories up, as Arutz-7 apparently did yesterday an hour after I posted. They really should pay me.