Sunday, May 03, 2009

Evil Zionist pigs feared to spread swine flu

We've seen many times Palestinian Arabs blame "settlers" for releasing wild pigs that are magically bred to attack only Arabs and Arab crops.

So this story was not only inevitable, but frankly overdue:
Boars set free by Israeli settlers on Sunday damaged sheep barns and beehives in the northern West Bank village of Salem, east of Nablus.

According to Ja’far Ishtayya, deputy mayor of Salem, “Boars attacked three homes and sheep barns, owned by Theib and Ziad Hasan, as well as 32 beehives owned by Taha Hamdan. The boars also attacked a car owned by Baha’ Hussein on his way out of the village.”

Ishtayya appealed to the Palestinian Authority to work out a solution for the boar attacks, highlighting swine flu fears, as well as physical damage caused by the animals.
Not yet as direct as I expected, but the accusation that Zionists are sending the pigs deliberately to spread swine flu among PalArabs is only a matter of time.