Friday, July 02, 2010

What the Dubai police have been ignoring

From YNet:
United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency Hamad al-Kaabi has confirmed reports that Iran is using Dubai ports to smuggle equipment needed for its nuclear program, but noted the steps his country had taken to clamp down on blacklisted companies.

This is the first official acknowledgement from the state that it is a popular transit point for smuggling.

The UK newspaper Telegraph last month revealed the existence of a deal made by an Iranian company with links to the nuclear program. The company bought control systems from a German electronics manufacturer via trading firms from Dubai. The UK paper reported Thursday that al-Kaabi had confirmed the previous reports.

Computers and control systems are among the forbidden goods reaching Iran, as well as cables and communication equipment. The goods were sold to Iran without the German producer's knowledge using fake purchasing certificates.
I guess this is what happens when your entire police force spends months dedicated to finding out who killed a terrorist.

(I forgot who first mentioned this to me, so h/t to an EoZ reader.)