Sunday, October 17, 2010

Latest nutty rumor: Ancient Torah with Mohammed's name discovered!

A new rumor weeping the Arab world says that a second-century Torah was discovered by Israeli archaeologists digging under the Temple Mount, and it contained the name "Mohammed" within it.

The Torah was said to have shaken the Jewish establishment in Israel because it proved that the Torah used today is not accurate - just as Muslims claim!

This is all over the Arabic websites; but it seems to have originated in an Algerian newspaper a week ago, where it specified that the Mohammed verse was in the Song of Solomon.

Indeed, the Song of Solomon (as well as other verses throughout the Hebrew Bible) uses a variant of the word "Mahmad" (5:16) which means "lovely." Muslims have for years tried to "prove" the authenticity of the Koran by pointing to various Hebrew Bible uses of words with the same roots as his name.

(I shouldn't have to say that this story is complete fiction.)