Monday, December 13, 2010

A challenge to Khaled Amayreh

Khaled Amayreh, a prolific Arab writer and hater who we've already seen is an explicit anti-semite, has a new and unintentionally funny article:

A few weeks ago, a supposedly religious activist, probably from one of the Gulf States, suggested to me that Muslims shouldn't confine our attacks to Zionists; we ought, he said, to attack Jews as Jews, on the grounds that the vast majority of Jews support Israel.

I treated this "advice" with great caution, suspecting that he might be one of those overzealous fanatics who are duped by Zionist circles to malign Jews so that Israeli hasbara (propaganda) operatives such as MEMRI and Honest Reporting [sic] would be able to use his extremist rhetoric to their best advantage. They highlight "Muslim anti-Semitism" and con the world into thinking that the conflict in the Middle East is not really over the Israeli occupation of Palestine and oppression of its Christian and Muslim people, but is rooted in deeply-held Arab racism against the Jews.

After some investigation, I found out that the website used by that extremist was actually a Mossad front used to attract religious radicals in order to serve Israeli propaganda purposes. Needless to say, Zionist groups just love Muslims like this and they usually have no shortage of such imbeciles to use; when there is, the Mossad hasbara department simply creates or recruits a few more.
Besides the great irony of someone who makes no bones about his hatred of Jews worrying about a Muslim extremist spouting anti-semitism, there is another thing that doesn't quite add up:

Khaled - why aren't you identifying this "Mossad site" publicly?

Don't your first-class investigation skills deserve a wide audience? Shouldn't you be warning your readers not to be taken in by this bogus Mossad site where their presence would play into the hands of the evil Zionists? How can you be so irresponsible so as not to work assiduously to expose this site to the world and embarrass the manipulative and evil Jews who are trying to pull the wool over innocent Muslim eyes and turn them, unwillingly, into anti-semites?

I'm sure there is some logical explanation for your seemingly inexplicable ommission. So, come one: where is this site?

After all, you wouldn't want people to think you are lying, would you?