Sunday, April 29, 2012

More about the "ethics" of the British Co-operative Group

The Co-operative Group, whose supermarket decided to boycott Palestinian Arab farmers because their exporter also deals with Jews who live in Judea and Samaria, also owns a bank.

The bank is just as hypocritical as the supermarket is.

According to their stated policies:
"We will not finance any organisation that advocates discrimination and incitement to hatred."

The right to freedom of speech underpins the values of a democratic society and individuals and organisations should be free to express their views or beliefs. However, 99% of customers who participated in the review supported the bank's decision to withhold finance from those extremist organisations that advocate not only discrimination but hatred.
Yet they are the main way to fund Viva Palestina, which has numerous ties with Hamas. Here's a photo of the organization's George Galloway handing cash to Hamas' economic minister.

It warms the heart to know that such highly ethical people have no problems with being involved in hosting an organization that funds an unrepentant terror group. They probably also violate existing British terror funding laws, even though they seem to have scammed the British Charity Commission into believing that the money handed over to Hamas was really Galloway's personal contributions.

Ethics are highly relative, you know?