Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gazans threaten Red Cross and UN. World yawns.

From WAFA:

A number of Palestinian activists Sunday demonstrated in front of a number of international organizations’ offices in Gaza to protest their silence regarding the striking Palestinian prisoners.

The activists demonstrated in front of offices of the Red Cross office and United Nations and blocked staff from entering for several hours, as well as lifted banners calling to end the prisoners’ sufferings and denouncing the international silence.

The activists issued a statement in which they threatened to escalate measures against these organizations if they do not take immediate action to support the prisoners.
Ma'an adds:
"Since international organizations remain silent towards Israeli procedures against Palestinian prisoners, they are responsible for their lives, just as the occupying state," youth activist Hani Abu Mustafa said at a press conference near the ICRC offices.

If any of the 2,000 Palestinians on hunger-strike dies, Abu Mustafa warned "the consequences will be disastrous for both the occupying state and the international organizations operating in Gaza Strip."
Here we have a direct threat against not only the UN but also the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Did the ICRC condemn the forced closing of their offices and the threat to their employees' lives? Not quite:
In return, the ICRC said that it understands and supports the demands of the prisoners. "We check the prisoners regularly and ask the Israeli authorities to take all the needed procedures to protect them and improve the circumstances of their detention," said Ayman Shahabi, spokesman for the ICRC.