Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The PalArab prisoner cause jumps the shark

Guess who is now pushing the issue of Palestinian Arab prisoners in Israel?

That bastion of human rights, Syria!

From the official Syrian SANA news agency:
Al-Fadel Association for Development, Culture and Support of Resistant Creativity, in cooperation with the Palestinian Youth Movement, staged a sit-in in front of the UN Commission headquarters in Damascus in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in the jails of the Zionist occupation.

The participants chanted slogans in support of prisoners, Palestine and Jerusalem, raising the Palestinian flag and banners which call for releasing the prisoners and liberating al-Aqsa.

They condemned the stances of the Arab League and some Arab countries which conspired against the Palestinian Cause.
Arab dictatorships have used the Palestinian Arabs as pawns to distract the world from their very real human right violations, so why mess with that formula?

And if they can say that their Arab enemies are also enemies of the "Palestinian Cause," so much the better!