Thursday, May 03, 2012

Sham Hamas/Fatah "unity" continues

From AFP:

A Cairo meeting between Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal and an official of the rival Fatah movement made no headway on the formation of a Palestinian national unity government, an official said on Thursday.

Two hours of talks Wednesday night in the Egyptian capital produced “nothing new,” the Palestinian official told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Meshaal and his deputy Mussa Abu Marzuk discussed with senior Fatah official Azzam al-Ahmed “the possibility of advancing the reconciliation process, in particular a government of national unity, but the meeting produced nothing new,” the official said.
It's actually worse than this. Hamas denies that there was any formal meeting at all, with a spokesman claiming that at best there was an ad-hoc, unplanned meeting.

Hamas also accused Fatah of arresting six of its members in Bethlehem and further accused them of torturing Hamas prisoners.

We are now in May - the month that was supposed to be when the "unity" elections would be held.

The entire "unity" sham came about as a reaction to a series of rallies last year in Gaza and the West Bank that spooked Hamas and Fatah into thinking that an Egyptian-style revolution to topple them was imminent. They held lots of meaningless meetings pretending to unify, and it seems that their delaying tactics have been successful: even though everyone realizes by now that there has been no real movement to unify the two sides, there has also been no repetition of the demonstrations.

Meanwhile, Fatah is buckling down on freedom of expression and is acting, along with Hamas, just like the other Arab dictatorships.

(h/t CHA)