Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hamas lies are adding up (updated)

First, Hamas claimed that they killed three Israelis in Beersheva with the hundred or so rockets they shot on Wednesday. They didn't.

Then they claimed that they killed an Israeli on a warship off the Gaza coast, using a guided missile, and this was confirmed by Israel. They didn't.

Finally they claimed to have shot a rocket at Tel Aviv. And not a Grad or a Fajr, but a home-made rocket! They even published a photo!

However, they didn't. And the photo was taken at Netivot during one of their rocket barrages earlier this week.

We saw this same pattern of ridiculous lies during Cast Lead as well, where Hamas tries desperately to put a good face on the fact that their leaders scurrying like rats from one hiding place to another.

UPDATE: Another lie, from Hamas' Al Qassam Brigades Twitter account:

Actual photo came from Syria last month .