Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Gaza terrorists again attack aid crossing. "Humanitarians" silent

Islamic Jihad took credit for at least four mortars targeting the Kerem Shalom crossing - from which Gazans get nearly all of their medicine, food, fuel and humanitarian aid.

There were additional rocket attacks against the crossing today.

Hundreds of truckloads of goods have been sent into Gaza daily through the crossing. Yesterday, 240 trucks carrying 4,303 tons of goods and supplies entered.

Usually, Kerem Shalom is forced to close when it gets attacked, depriving Gazans of food and medicine.

Yet I cannot find any condemnation of the rocket attacks on Kerem Shalom by any of the so-called "humanitarian" organizations - the ones that ship their aid through that crossing. The UN nor its agencies like UNRWA are condemning it. Oxfam is silent. "Free Gaza" and the mindless human drones protesting an Israeli container ship in Oakland have nothing to say.

You almost get the impression that they would prefer to have Gazans starve, so they have something else to blame on Israel.